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  • Centralized Chiller

    These chillers are manufactured at Vanguard’s own factory in Hyderabad. Vanguard scroll chillers, which are equipped with multiple hermetic scroll compressors, are ideal for various load applications like Injection Molding, extrusion, plastics, food processing and general Engineering industries, etc.

    Wide range Air cooled: 10 - 120TR
    Water cooled: 10 - 200TR
    Centralised chillers to connect multiple process machines which saves energy and less down time
    Tandem design option for higher efficiency
    Fully factory charged and pre-wired
    Helps the system in two ways :
    There is Build-in-redundancy adding there to reliability and it allows for capacity Modulation by switching on only as many as compressors as will be required at any time to suit part- loads, there by increasing efficiency and huge power saving.
    Dynamic Load Balancing system :
    The Load in Process Fluctuates heavily, A load Balancing is implemented in Vanguard Chillers to ensure supply of Constant Temperature leaving water at both high and low loads, while the water storage tank takes care of sudden demand for high heat load, the load balancing by pass valves takes care of low demand load from the process, This unique combination supplies chilled water to the process at a constant temperature with savings.
    Microprocessor Controller:
    All the chillers are provided with imported micro processor controllers pre programmed logic.These controllers are specifically developed for process chiller applications. The controller can be wired to an on/off switch so that the operator can easily switch the machine on or off from a distant location. Remote alarm monitoring can also be optionally provided. The controller thus aids in monitoring the chiller from a remote location if needed.

    VANGUARD has been providing expert cooling solutions for over 25 years. It has been manufacturing a wide range of scroll and screw chillers. Drawing from this expertise, Vanguard offers a wide range of both air cooled and water cooled scroll chillers with R134a, R407c and R404a refrigerant options.

    • Precise Temperature Control Of Water Inlet and Outlet.
    • Complete Alaram Management.
    • Auto Loading/Unloading Of Compressors.
    • Auto-restart of unit after Power Restoration.
    • Time Delays for Compressors
    • Single Phase and Phase Reversal Protection
    • Password Protection at various levels

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