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    The new VANGUARD high efficiency series air cooled Screw Chillers can be selected based on Project-specific requirements. Unlike the conventional chillers, Vanguard’s latest screw chillers are not limited to few models. The configured screw chiller series has an exhaustive range of coolers, condensers and compressors which offers the flexibility to select chillers based on varied needs of customers like: Required Capacity, Energy efficiency,Pressure drop, Flow rate& Pressure etc.

    Energy efficient air/water cooled compact chillers with Screw CompressorProject-specific chiller design for varied commercial and industrial applications.
    Step capacity control 25 to 100% .
    A seamless safety Controls chain with interconnecting Pump, Fan and Compressor Overload protection for compressor,High and Low pressure indication on display to safeguard compressor and refrigerant system.
    Large size shell and tube type evaporator.
    Electronic expansion valve in refrigerant circuit to precisely control suction gas superheat and improve chiller efficiency.
    CAPACITY RANGE : 40 - 200TR and Multiples.
    Eco-friendly Refrigerant
    Wide range: 40 – 400 TR
    Wide temperature operating range
    VFD screw compressor and drive ensures highest IPLV COP
    Silent operation
    Touch screen Controller
    Easy and quick installation


    This range offers higher efficiency norm of the chiller efficiency programme, along with offering phenomenal savings on power consumption and a very high return on investment.Manufactured at Vanguard’s factory, this new range of chillers provides application versatility, energy-efficiency, low sound levels, control precision, reliability, ease of installation and operational cost effectiveness.

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